Here at Squeeky Kleen we cover all aspects of cleaning in relation to Patios, Paths and Driveways, Block Paving, Wooden Decking and Swimming Pool areas. Using high quality equipment such as our high pressure cleaning and surface washer we ensure that all dirt, moss, weeds, algae etc are totally removed. Once the area is fully dry, we can resand using kiln dried block paving sand and then sealed with an application of sealant if required.

Wooden deckings are constantly exposed to the elements and get a lot of foot traffic. They can get dingy and stained over time and may even have mould growing on the surface. Having your deck regularly and professionally cleaned, will extend your deck's life so you can enjoy it for many years to come. A clean deck doesn’t just look good, it is safer too.

Similarly pool areas require the removal of calcium and mineral deposits and need to be cleaned without cross contamination of the pool water. It is essential that the cleaning destroys bacteria and removes body oil and grease and leaves no risk to the health and safety of people as they walk around the poolside. Here at Squeeky Kleen we have the right industry knowledge alongside the right equipment to get the job done.

Swimming Pools
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